Creative Idea to Creative Image Video Series

See how a creative idea develops into a beautiful image.

Your Pace and in Your Time
Photography in the Real World
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Your Pace And In Your Time

Master Photography at Your Pace and in Your Time

Have you ever wondered how a beautiful image was captured?

John Barrett, award winning advertising, fashion and fine art photographer, takes you into a buzzing creative studio and shows you how he takes a creative idea and develops it into a beautiful creative image.

In his mentoring, one of the most important insights from his attendees is not just learning the fundamentals of photographic technique but the opportunity to see the interaction of a professional photographer in real time studio situations. In our series, CI2CI, you get to witness how a real professional studio creates.

An aspiring photographer often has no opportunity to really see and understand the secrets behind the closed doors of a studio, especially one that is headed by a photographer with 40 years of experience and is still creating award-winning images to this day.

This isn’t just an exercise in creativity— it also includes all those little setbacks and challenges that must be overcome during the photography session to take an image from good to great.

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Photography In The Real World

Mastering Photography in the Real World

Each episode focuses on a new creative challenge. Whether through lighting or technique, JB will explore the best method to produce his signature stunning images of dancers, aerialists, and fine art nudes.

Both entertaining and educational, this series lets you see the way a photographer takes the germ of an idea and, using the creative process that JB teaches in his Mastershot Workshops, turns it into a plan and then a mood board to communicate with team and talent.

Drawing on his wealth of experience, John Barrett will lead you through the decision-making process that decides how best to capture his vision.

With the buzz and energy of a professional studio, observe as John Barrett leads the talent through posing and composition. Hear how he communicates with the talent to draw the best emotion, the best expression, and the best pose to bring the image to life.

Now that we’ve captured the best possible image, JB will take you through the image processing and post-production enhancement that are the last touches to bring the image to life.

Each month JB will explore a new creative concept and lead you from Creative Idea to Creative Image.

CI2CI Video Series Episodes
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Episode 1
Nine Gel Lighting
JB & his team take you from his first spark of a Creative Idea: How good would it look if I blended 9 colour gels on one of our wonderful dancers? Through the excitement & challenges of photographing in studio through to presenting the end portfolio of beautiful images. Come on the journey with us!
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