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Fashion Photographer

Bring your brand to life with striking photography and fashion campaigns

Fashion commission

As an incredibly accomplished fashion photographer, John Barrett applies his creative skills and his years of experience to create images that are on brand, every time.

There has never been a better way to portray the look and feel of your new season collection than through stunning fashion photography. In one image, you can showcase the colour, texture and movement of a garment. With the right lighting and location, it can set the tone of the brand.

Good Fashion Photography has always been about aspiration. About creating a desire within the consumer. It’s about creating the belief that by wearing that specific garment, their world will become a little better.

Great fashion photography conveys confidence, aesthetics and style. A brand defines it’s niche market, and photography brings the visual content to life. It helps them appeal specifically to that target market and leaving them in no doubt that the brand is right for them. Without the right photography in this visual online world, a brand has limited chances of succeeding. With great fashion photography, your brand will kick the door down to your client.

Award-winning fashion photography by a true master

John Barrett has been an award-winning fashion photographer for decades, and his work for global brands has been seen in advertising campaigns worldwide— from digital fashion photography to high-profile billboards around the world.

JB has also owned and run a marketing agency specialising in retail fashion, allowing him to bring his unique understanding of brand marketing to every shoot. This combination allows him to create bespoke fashion photography solutions that make your brand marketing second to none.

John’s fashion photography expertise is now unmatched

John Barrett has been working with models since he was 18, when he was handed his first assignments. He went on to teach photographic modelling in model agencies while pursuing his fashion photography career. It is this intimate understanding of how to pose the model and then draw out the best emotion and expression from the talent that JB has perfected as an artform. He captures the strongest emotions while still marketing the fashion itself.

JB can organise campaigns with multiple talent, locations or set-building, put together the teams of stylists, make up artists and hair stylists and supply the lighting and equipment for even the largest campaigns.

That said, he can also work with the intimacy and simplicity of a single client and talent.

In his long and varied career, John has experienced all and learned how to overcome those problems that might stump less accomplished fashion photographers.
John Barrett is one of the great observers who picks up cues constantly as he views the world—whether the fall of light, the flow of a garment, or the body language that will best portray your fashion when it comes to photography.
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