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John Barrett
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This is where it all comes together. Now that we’ve captured the best possible image, JB will take you through the image processing and post-production enhancement that are the last touches to bring the image to life.

John Barrett has always been a creative One Percenter, always asking where he can improve an image by just one percent to exceed expectations.

JB feels that most viewers will usually accept an image at 80 percent, not understanding where it can be improved and enhanced but subconsciously knowing it’s not as good as it could be.

With JB’s experience, he can start with his first capture at least at that 80 percent mark. Then the challenge begins.

Change an angle, finesse a light, work a pose & composition, and bring it all together by lifting the team to exceed expectation and enhance an image subtly in post-production.

Keep striving, keep challenging until you’re proud to exhibit that final Creative Image.
That’s the final step in going from a competent photographer to a truly great photographer.

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