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One of John Barrett’s greatest pleasures is to conduct one on one photography mentoring with someone who has the same passion and excitement for photography as himself.

JB’s vision is to take you beyond the fundamentals and have you shoot like an artist. You will come out of this one-on-one mentoring session with not only increased knowledge and skill, but stunning photography of your own to add to your portfolio.

One-on-One Mentoring has become one of the most popular photography workshops that John Barrett offers. It is a face-to-face studio experience that lasts four hours. In that time, John Barrett provides you with a personal and custom ‘Mastershot Workshop’.

JB realised that it is almost impossible for a keen photographer without a studio to get the experience he desires, photographing a professional talent in a fully equipped professional studio. Even if the photographer were to invest the money, they still wouldn’t have an experienced photography mentor to lead them through all the aspects that are so important to the progression of their photography.

As a photography mentor, John Barrett provides just that experience. He delves into his vast experience and knowledge of photography to create a bespoke event focused on the subject in which you are most interested.

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What’s in the Mastershot Workshop curriculum:
The energy of creative photography, the vision, planning, mood board, and communicating with team and talent
Understanding shutter speed and aperture and their importance to the ‘correct exposure’
Length, angle of view, distortion, compression and depth of field
Rules, types of light, types of tone, light shapers
Balance within the frame and the use of colour
Photo-processing and Post-production enhancement

All while capturing examples in real time with the talent provided.

This talent can be one of our extraordinary dancers, a fine art nude, or you can bring the subject of your choice with whom you most want to create.

Beyond a Photography Course

At the end of this comprehensive session JB then mentors you through a hands on photography shoot in the studio with the talent of your choice putting in to practice your new knowledge to capture images that break your new found creative boundaries.

The session is a day of easygoing camaraderie. John Barrett in his element with one on one photography mentoring. His energy and passion for photography, in which he has been an award-winning professional for over 40 years, is completely infectious. There’s no stuffy technical monologues, just relevant information to provide you with the recipe to capture your Creative Ideas.

You’ll come away at the end of the day with a head full of new knowledge, an understanding of the professional approach, the excitement of shooting a creative session with a great talent, and new creative images, shot by you, of which to be proud.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better and you’re wondering how you will remember all the gems that you’ve heard on the day, you’ll receive the 60-page Mastershot eManual to download that covers all aspects of the day in comprehensive detail, ready to be referenced whenever a refresher is needed.

Chances for this one one-on-one time with JB are extremely limited so get in touch today to join the waitlist for the chance to start shooting like a pro, tailored specifically to your skill level, and unique goals.

One-on-one photography mentoring
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