Photography Lighting Workshop

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John Barrett
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Photography Lighting Workshop

This course is an in-depth photography lighting workshop, and is part of JB’s online photography course.

Light— it surrounds us, yet we only see it when it reflects off a surface. The most beautiful sunset is light reflecting off dust and water droplets in the atmosphere.

We are visual animals. We receive the majority of the information from the world around us through our eyes. So it’s no wonder that we want to capture those images and that photography lighting workshops have become so popular. The latest version of a phone is not sold on how it helps us to talk to others, but by how the camera has been improved and what new photographic gadgets it provides.

Without light, there is no photography.

Photography lighting is the single most important aspect to creative photography. John has shot images with $75,000 cameras, mobile phones, a pinhole camera created in college, and 40-year-old vintage cameras— but without light, they are all useless.

More importantly, great creative images are made by moulding the best light to your creative idea. 

This photography lighting workshop is designed to help instil into you the best practice in regard to light and imagery. 

What is light?

Light is the part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum that is visible to the human eye, and we have developed our camera sensors to mimic our vision.

In this section of the Mastershot Workshop we begin to put structure and understanding around using the most beautiful component of great photography – lighting.

In this photography lighting workshop, you’ll learn about the three most important Rules of Light that John applies in every image he captures.

We get our communication clear by teaching you how to refer to the correct light and their purpose.

Knowing the light’s name, especially when you may have a complex photography lighting setup, will help you label the lights on your lighting diagrams, discuss the lights and their effects with the team, and direct others in the studio with clear instructions.

The Lighting Image 1
The Lighting Image 2

Understanding Lighting Types, Tones, & Shapes

In this photography lighting workshop discuss both the types of light & the tones of light, and when to use them.

Once we’ve learnt about the light itself, how do we deliver these lighting qualities in a studio environment?

It’s time to learn about Light Shapers.

Finally we discuss the use of Lighting Diagrams to both plan your shoots and archive a great lighting setup for later creativity.

It’s not how expensive a piece of equipment is. It’s about how you understand the recipe of photography and apply it in your creativity that is most important. Some of the most beautiful images have been created with the simplest equipment but a wonderful understanding of light.

Now we’ve added the next ingredient to the photographic recipe. Next we’ll discuss design, composition and the art of posing.

If you want to find out more, buy this photography lighting course today. Until then, keep shooting.

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