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John ; Digital Camera Workshop

Whether attending a face to face Mastershot Workshop or the online digital camera course, we’ve now begun the discussion on those aspects that take a good photographer to help them become a great photographer. In my opinion, and as we discussed in the first of our online camera classes, it starts with being able to pre-visualise the concept.

It’s now time to study one of the fundamentals of our digital camera workshop. These fundamentals are important. You must know the rules before you can break them.

What is the first fundamental to learn? The camera and its functions.

At its most basic, the camera is just a light-proof box that encloses the sensor. The main function of the camera is to allow the correct amount of light to fall on the sensor to give you the exposure that best matches human vision.

You’ll explore this and the three primary functions of the camera, whether in the online course or in my face to face camera classes, and use images from my own creative experience to show how your decisions will open up your creative possibilities.

You’ll learn how two ‘identical’ exposures of the same subject can give a completely different look and feel to your Creative Images, depending on how you choose to use three functions.

What are these 3 primary functions:

In both our camera workshop and the online camera class we discuss the two primary mechanical functions – Shutter speed and aperture and a secondary digital amplification – the ISO.

We answer the questions:

We’ll also delve deeper to explain Dynamic Range, The Histogram, White Balance, & Tint so that you understand that the correct use of your camera will provide you with a RAW file that will open up limitless creative possibilities for your photographic imagination.

The Camera Image 1
The Camera Image 2

Go Deeper than Other Online Camera Classes

There are some complex decisions to be made, but with practice they become second nature. Once you’ve mastered a function, you have the opportunity to twist it to your unique personal creative imagination.

What’s next? Whether watching our online digital camera course or attending an in-studio digital camera workshop, the next exploration will show the creative choices that open up for you when you understand how an image is influenced by lens selection and how that decision impacts the angle of view, lens compression, and perspective distortion. Understanding the interaction of lens & aperture will have you reaching for the correct lens every time!

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