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Mastering Camera Lens Selection: the Bridge Between Camera and Subject

John Barrett
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John ; Camera Lens Selection & More

The second fundamental that you must understand to take your photography to the next level is the lens. Camera lens selection, taking into consideration lens length, angle of view, lens compression, lens perspective and distortion, is crucial to both the creativity and the quality of the end image.

In this section of the face to face Mastershot Workshop or online camera course video we demonstrate how, with John’s 40 years of experience creating award winning images, he reaches for the correct lens every time. You’ll learn the decisions you need to make to take that Creative Idea and turn it into a Creative Image of which you are proud.


You’ll discover and discuss the best lens length for each subject and why they enhance your image when used correctly or ruin even the best subject if chosen poorly.

Once you understand the function of the lens, you’ll learn how each lens is affected by:

Do you know that only the 50mm lens mimics the angle of view seen by the human eye? What angles do the other lens lengths capture?

The length of the lens influences how the subject and the background are ‘compressed’ together. How do you best use this to your creative advantage? How does the lens perspective change how we view a portrait? In this workshop, you’ll find out.

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Depth of Field or Focus

One of the most important decisions to be made is centred around the areas of focus within an image. Achieving focus should be easy with the auto focus technology available. What the Workshop focusses on (pun intended) are the more important questions: 

  • How deep the focus should be within the image to enhance your creative idea? 
  • What is the sharpness of transition from focussed to unfocussed? 

Discover how each lens brings different answers and therefore different results to these questions.

By the end of this section of the workshop you’ll view a camera lens guide that shows how the combinations of lens, aperture, shutter speed and ISO are almost infinite. You’ll view examples of how, even when photographing the same subject, these combinations completely change the end result. 

Our creative recipe and understanding are coming together with this section on camera lens selection. We now understand how to pre-visualise and develop the Creative Idea. We’ve learnt how two of the fundamentals of photography, the camera and the lens, heavily impact the creative process and the decisions that need to be made to achieve our Creative Image.

Next, we delve into understanding light and how to shape light to our creative needs. The importance and beauty of light can not be understated.

Always remember: without light there is no photography. 
Until then, keep shooting.

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